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9:54GT-R NISMO v 911 Turbo S v R8 - DRAG RACE
GT-R NISMO v 911 Turbo S v R8 - DRAG RACEVaatamised 1 mlnPäev tagasi
9:38Is NIO the new Tesla?
Is NIO the new Tesla?Vaatamised 522 tuhPäev tagasi
12:18Supra DRAG RACE: 3.0 v 2.0 v Mk4!
Supra DRAG RACE: 3.0 v 2.0 v Mk4!Vaatamised 2,2 mln7 päeva tagasi
9:20New Mercedes C-Class 2021: S-Class luxury for less?
10:15The 15 greatest AMG cars!
The 15 greatest AMG cars!Vaatamised 399 tuh
12:59Suzuki Swift Sport review - a budget Toyota GR Yaris?
Suzuki Swift Sport review - a budget Toyota GR Yaris?Vaatamised 577 tuhМісяць tagasi
20:07Porsche Taycan RWD review: 0-60mph, 1/4 mile \u0026 drift test!
8:52Audi RS7 vs RS6 - DRAG RACE
Audi RS7 vs RS6 - DRAG RACEVaatamised 1,3 mlnМісяць tagasi
8:50The craziest police cars in the world!
The craziest police cars in the world!Vaatamised 649 tuhМісяць tagasi
11:04BMW X6M vs 675hp Jaguar F-Pace SVR 'Lister': DRAG RACE
BMW X6M vs 675hp Jaguar F-Pace SVR 'Lister': DRAG RACEVaatamised 1,7 mlnМісяць tagasi


  • Honestly I don't mind the race but my issue is was the mk4 tuned up before the raced because it may not have been at full horse power due to age but outside of that it seems spot on

  • Mustang needs a driver mod. Horrible shifts and short shifting way too early

  • Hi love you so much

  • Once the word tuned is used in these vids the test looses every value.

  • Waiting for BMW I 4 review.

  • Chevrolet Caprice

  • Nissan when the first and second gen r35 came out was raining king. but i was in highschool 2007/8/9 at that time looks exactly the same. cant they legitly just go back and do refresh every 5/6 years. (bmw/mercs/audi) does this why cant they. cars TOO heavy and the tech which once was the top tier godzilla is now dated. if your paying that much money i expect a lot. (NISSAN profit has majorly decline not sure whats with Japan they suppose to have a lot of smart people)


  • The Urus looks like a Kia.

  • Common guys, give the Audi a rematch :-)

  • I would have liked to see the face of the tesla in front of an M5 e60 XD

  • You guys are legit the best automotive duo on youtube! I love these videos

  • The gtr

  • porsche quick but always picking the audi r8 JUST for the sound.

  • Hectic

  • Jaguar all day long. Looks so much better

  • yaris is better for me

  • I would choose the Porsche when racing but I would overall choose the Audi and unleash the full potential of that V10 engine.

  • Why is the double exhaust fake on your model when my model isn't?

  • Two thumbs up, Porsche a the boss

  • Please stop with the zooming in after the film recorded. The quality of those parts is crap

  • Porsche will absolutely never ever ever let a Nissan beat their 911. ever !

  • I have the 2018 Golf R and think it looks WAY better than the 2021 version...

  • You think with an extra 50 horsepower and the extra torque the GTR would at least beat or be very close to the R8.

  • Big fan, I truly think you have mastered the art of capturing the viewers attention whilst thoroughly reviewing a car. Great job, I hope this continues! With range now being an active topic, a great video would be the top 10 cars with the longest range by energy ( Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid, Electric and Hydrogen electric) that’d be a very interesting one to update on a yearly basis. Big car fan and big fan of your channel, Matt

  • Porsche is a masterpiece! What a car!

  • Toyota Supra all the way, BMW is a joke

  • Nsx o carro q o Airton Senna ajudou a criar ... Da um show até hj!

  • Any chance you could make a review of the SVR?

  • Yanni wins that donut

  • Its actually quite ugly for an audi, looks like something honda would create

  • When you drag race you are never serious you are always talking and looking at other people which makes you slow down. Not accurate

  • There's something in Matt's presentation. It feels like I can own this car someday, which otherwise is not true for other popular faces like Doug.

  • The R8 is an example of a car somehow not changing and getting worse at the same time. Buy a v10 plus from as little as five years ago and it has the exact same looks and no limiter.

  • You could give matt a bicycle and he'll still warm his tyres 😂

  • All of the Porsche's cameras should be facing rearward at this point.

  • His Now its normal at the rent shop

  • The porsche simply does not give a fak

  • more of a gimmick than anything, too small and cumbersome to move around in and costs way too much money

  • Man, Porsche is in another level... but i still prefer the Godzilla, especially nismo😍

  • "Smurf-like car".... Absolutely.

  • Just the the look on yanis face, priceless

  • Vacuum hit it right. Super turbo vacuum.

  • 911 is deadly

  • ☆☆You have the Worst GTR in the World...🤣🤣🤣..or the Driver.

  • Been waiting for a big race like this for wayyyy too long

  • BMW M5 2004. BMW M5 2012

  • Please get dmo deejay and his e63s

  • Is it possible to see a supra on this channel next ep.?PLZ😲😇

  • Gtr ain't worth the money. Not much more power or torque and the jump in price.

  • Seems better that tesla

  • Hurry up GTR before "zee" germans come!

  • Mat: I just lost everything 😂

  • Maybe the GT-R would automatically change gears if he took it out of manual. How’s that for an idea?

  • If the r8 was going 185mph what speed was the Porsche going

  • Nice car but the back seats make it uncomfortable for the kids. I expected more from mercedes. It's the same problem the model s and 3 have.

  • lol remember when the GTR was fast?

  • After 13 years GTR is still the benchmark. Nice.

  • Bmw m5 competition is still the best in the quarter mile. Cheers Mat 10 seconds

  • The X6m looks so ugly at the rear. It’s trying to be something it’s not, a coupe

  • People: BMW M5 launch is temperamental. Audi R8: "...Hold my 10 cylinders"

  • Yannis face when he revs the audi

  • The emissions laws from the greenies have fucked the car world. Trying to fix a problem not created by humans ...

  • 🇩🇿🇩🇿👌

  • If I had the money, ill still buy the GTR.

  • Funny how can mat have a fetish for that ugly impractical little car...

  • Y’all forgot there’s a brabus e63s 😆

  • Nismo upgrades scare me since a car mag had brake failure on a Nismo upgraded 360Z. Am I the only one who saw that? My guess would be last in braking. And I'll take it stock, thank you.

  • BMW is the king in carwow i love BMW

  • Matt: Don't you like it dry? Yianni: I don't wanna talk about that. M: Don't you like it snow? 🤣 Y: Get the f*** out of here. That cracked me up 🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆

  • So what's exactly happened 6:09

  • Porsche 911 turbo S. Fantastic car. Looks stunning. Best car in production today.

  • Drag race japan elitę Nissan skylin R33 R34 R35

  • Mercedes electric models are ugly

  • Mercedes is poop

  • what do you drive? toyota yaris 3 zylinder.

  • Me: Oh, you have cars, name every one of them that is not a knock-off. People in China: ...

  • NOTHING beats Porsche.... Long Live The KING!!!!!!!

  • 9:24 I wonder if you know, how they live in Tokyo...

  • Not as fast as the gt2 rs though.